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Wren Guitar Works


I was exposed to quite a wide array of extremely talented craftspeople during my stint in music retail.  I fell in love with their instruments then ... and am still very much inspired by these gifted luthiers!


Fabrizio Alberico

G. W. Barry

Allan Beardsell

Mario Beauregard

Marc Beneteau

Dana Bourgeois

Jeremy Clark - 52 Instrument Co.

Dagmar Guitars/Pete Swanson

Sergei de Jonge
Joshia de Jonge
The de Jonge Guitar Building School

Tony Duggan-Smith

Michael Dunn

Les Godfrey

Oskar Graf

Michael Greenfield

Douglas Harrison

Patrick Hodgins

Josh House

Anne Hartman

Wayne Johnson / Irvin Guitars

Anthony Karol

Michael Kennedy - Indian Hill Guitars

Mark Kett Guitars
Mark Kett Custom Inlays

B.C. Kingston Guitars

Edward Klein

Dennis Kwasnycia

Larrivee Guitars

William "Grit" Laskin

Chris Lounsbury Guitars

Linda Manzer

Luis Feu de Mesquita

Alastair Miller

Morgan Guitars (David Iannone)

Shelly D. Park

Mario Proulx

Redtail Guitars / Peggy White

Sheldon Schwartz

Roger Stuckless

Judy Threet

Joseph Yanuziello




Wren Guitar Works


Other Links



The Acoustic Music Company (TAMCO)

The Twelfth Fret Guitarists' Pro Shop

The Guild of American Luthiers




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