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Wren Guitars


Thanks to the folks at Japan's prestigeous "Acoustic Guitar" magazine for the segment and photos highlighting my JB-0 model! It still amazes me how word spreads in the digital age!




American Lutherie


     Thanks to Steve Denvir for writing this article and interviewing us for "American Lutherie" magazine ... and to the folks at the Guild of American Luthiers for including us in their prestigeous publication! What a great look back at the early Larrivee years!





Guitar Bench 2014


What an honour it is to be included in Guitar Bench Magazine again! This Hong Kong based on-line publication is read world wide by hand made guitar enthusiasts ... and this time they have done a nine page spread of my latest Lutz/Brazilian Concert Model!

It's definitely worth subscribing to this magazine at http://www.guitarbench.com





Wren Guitars


 The Fretboard Journal is published in the U.S. , distributed world wide and has been one of my favorite periodicals since it's inception. What a thrill it was when I received a phone call from editor Jazon Verlinde and asked to be included in their "Bench Press" series on luthiers! Here's a link to the article.





Wren guitars


   The Guild of American Luthiers just published Steve Denvir's interview of me in their quarterly magazine "American Lutherie"! I've been reading this publication for almost 40 years and I have to say, it is an honor to be included in my craft's premier periodical!

   The Guild of American Luthiers and American Lutherie magazine are definitely worth checking out here





Wren Guitars


   After interviewing me in their inaugural issue last year, this month Guitar Bench Magazine has included an image of one of my instruments in their feature on Cocobolo ... what a nice surprise! If you haven't already subscribed to this very informative publication, check out their free on-line sampler magazines here.





Wren Guitars


   What an honor to have my interview with Terrence Tan published in the inaugeral issue of Guitar Bench Magazine! This on-line magazine is filled with high quality photos and in depth articles on luthiers from around the globe ... check it out when you get a chance!




Wren Guitar Works

    Fine Woodworking Magazine is published out of Connecticut and was the only non-music oriented periodical that I subscribed to in the early years. On a lark, I submitted photos of one of my archtop jazz instruments to their annual Design Book series ... and was pleasantly surprised when they contacted me to indicate that they would like to include my work!

    I made archtops right from the start of my career. As a matter of fact, my very first professional guitar sale was a carved top jazz guitar. A young gentleman came in Jean's shop in 1975 and asked him if he accepted orders for archtops, to which Jean replied "no, but he does". Since there were only the two of us building at that point in time, I had to assume he meant me. The next weekend, we drove to International Violin in New York and purchased a cello set of wood, and I started my first commission!


Wren Guitar Works

     In 1979 I received a phone call indicating that Joan Baez was about to play a concert at Roy Thompson Hall and needed a guitar since her long-time Martin had been damaged by the airlines. I took an instrument down to the venue, only to discover that a large chain store had already supplied her with a half dozen instruments. My wife and I stayed for the concert anyway, and to our surprise Ms. Baez came on stage with the instrument I had provided. Ultimately I ended up making her an instrument that she tours and records with to this day. What an absolutely lovely person she was to deal with too!


Joan Baez





Wren Guitar Works

     "Frets" was published out of  California  by Guitar Player Magazine in the '70s and '80s ... and was the source for all things acoustic guitar in North America (we're talking pre-internet here!). You can imagine that I was pretty anxious when it became apparent that they were going to review one of my instruments. I was ecstatic when they sent me a pre-publication copy of the article with a composite score of 91%.

    The "Concert" model reviewed by "Frets" was my bread and butter for over a decade and after building over 190 of this body shape, it has evolved into possibly the most versatile instrument that I fabricate to this day.



Wren Guitar Works

    Acoustic Guitar Magazine initiated an article about the resurgence of hand building acoustic guitars in North America. The Larrivee shop history figured prominently in this issue, with quotes from several of us that had apprenticed with Jean ... and a photo of me & the maestro himself from our days on Dwight Ave. in Toronto.



Bruce Cockburn

    Bruce Cockburn was my main acoustic guitar hero during my apprenticeship, and from 1978 to 1981 I had the opportunity to build him three different guitars which he toured and recorded with. What a pleasure and an honor it is, to build instruments for musicians at this level ... he really is a unique talent who has enjoyed a long and eclectic career.




Fretboard Journal

(from top left : clockwise)  
(1) the tiny shop on Mt. Pleasant where Jean worked with William Laskin and myself as apprentices.
Jean and Wendy lived in a small room in the back of this storefront!
(2) a young Jean, roping binding in the Dwight Ave. shop
(3) a current shot of Jean showing his recent work   
(4) a photo of me burning the midnight oil, sanding necks in the Dwight shop.

    The Fretboard Journal is a quarterly publication out of Washington  that has rapidly gained a reputation as the premier acoustic instrument magazine. One of their earliest issues featured a comprehensive article on Jean Larrivee that encompased everything from the early years to the present. The article featured a photo collage pictured above.



Jackson Browne

    It was pretty surreal when I picked up the phone one day and the voice on the other end is telling me that it is Jackson Browne ... and that he played the instrument I had made for Joan Baez ... and wanted one too. Here is a note he sent me with a sketch of the angel he wanted on the peghead.




Wren Guitar Works

    When my buddy Grit Laskin wrote The World of Musical Instrument Makers, I was honored to be included, along with many other luthiers. As we all have come to know, when Grit does something, he does it right. This was a very classy hardcover book on quality paper stock, with a high colour graphics content ... very well written and researched. This was the first of several non-fiction and fiction books that Grit has authored. The photo shows me in my old Oakcrest Ave. shop, holding a burst OM with pyramid bridge.



Wren Guitar Works

    I haven't applied my hand to much inlay work in recent years, but back in the day, I spent some time developing and executing custom inlays on my instruments. It was very gratifying when Frets Magazine included one of my pegheads when they featured North American inlay artists!




Wren Guitar Works

   In 2005 Robert Everett-Green's article on Canadian guitar builders was published in the Globe and Mail (Canada's largest circulation national newspaper). Myself, Jean Larrivee, William Laskin, Linda Manzer, Sergei de Jonge, Rene Wilhelmy, Shelly Park and Michael Dunn are all quoted and mentioned in this piece. Yep ... there are more than a few folks up here in the frozen north who know one end of a chisel from the other!



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