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Hi Everyone!

    As time permits, I'll be adding content to this site.  As a convenient way (I hope) to find out if the site has changed since the last time you've logged on, I have added this page, which will document updates and supply links to the new content.


Please note that I'll be updating this site on a monthly basis rather than daily.




April /17

Mike Francis


I'd like to send a huge shout out to my buddy Mike Francis! Mike has taken time out from his busy performing and studio schedule to support my part in the Group of Seven Guitar Project. He was not only featured in the upcoming documentary, but composed and recorded two pieces specifically for the project. Check out "Grace Lake" and "Shadow and Light" if you want a real musical treat. I can't thank you enough Mike!!!



Grace Lake

Shadow and Light





March 2017

Wren Guitars


I absolutely love it when I get an order that includes the checkered binding option ... especially when it includes the Taj Mahal peghead! Just after I introduced this MS-1 Modern Slope dreadnought model a number of years ago, I decided to close my order book so that I could catch up a bit on my commissions. When I opened my book in October 2016, I immediately got orders for it again!


Wren Guitar Works Wren Guitar Works Wren Guitar Wren Guitar Wren guitar Wren Guitar Works




Feb. 2017



Here's a quick and nasty audio file (with a few in-progress still photos) I recorded shortly after this guitar was strung up. As with all audio samples, don't take anything good, bad or otherwise away from it ... there are just so many variables when it comes to recording and playback that in my opinion, they are not a good indication of anything. I just do them for the fun of it!

My customer is driving up from New York to pick this up in mid March, so I'll post some photos of the completed guitar at that time.


Wren Guitars Wren Guitars Wren guitars Wren Guitar Works Wren guitars Wren guitars




Dec. 2016

Tom Thomson Guitar
Left to right: David Wren, George Gray, Sergei deJonge, Tony Duggan-Smith, Linda Manzer


Well, I figured it would be a blast, but I didn't count on it being quite that much fun!

As part of the upcoming "Group of Seven Guitar Project" that will be exhibited at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection starting May 6th 2017 ... all seven of us will be involved in group-building the Tom Thomson guitar. To kick things off, five of us got the woodworking started up in Chelsea Quebec at Sergei de Jonge's (wonderful) shop.

By the time this instrument is finished, Sergei deJonge, Tony Duggan-Smith, George Gray, William "Grit" Laskin, Jean Larrivee, Linda Manzer and myself will all have been involved in this guitar.

I'll keep you posted regarding the progress of this very cool project!


Tom Thomson guitar Tom Thomson Guitar Tom Thomson guitar Tom Thomson Guitar Tom Thomson Guitar Tom Thomson Guitar





Oct. 13/2016


New Wren Shop


Putting the new shop to bed after the first day of guitar work! Has anyone else underestimated how long it takes to move and re-setup a new shop? I'm loving the new setup and am looking forward to getting back to making wood dust!

Back in 2012 I closed my order book as I was getting booked up too far in advance. I've finally delivered all of those commissions and as of this morning have started taking orders again.

I'm now offering the cases with custom carbon fiber Hoffee flight cases.

Check out my Catalogue Page for the different models available and my Options Page for options.


Oct 15 Update

Well, that was fast ... I'm now booked until the end of 2018 and have closed my order book again! Please email me if you would like to be on my new waiting list. Thanks so much for your support everyone!






April 2016




After months of R&D, design and production, I finally delivered my part of the Group of Seven Guitar Project to the McMichael Canadian Art Collection. This project is Linda Manzer's brain child and she has been working tirelessly for years to make it happen. There is a long lead time on this exhibit (May 2017) to accommodate the film documentary ... but it should be worth the wait.

The photo above shows me pulling the instrument out of the case to show head curator Sarah Stanners and the rest of the folks at the gallery. More information on this exhibit will be available in the months to come!





Feb 25/16

Wren Guitars


Thanks to the folks at Japan's prestigeous "Acoustic Guitar" magazine for the segment and photos highlighting my JB-0 model! It still amazes me how word spreads in the digital age!




Dec. 2015

Wren Guitar Works


   I've received some emails from folks who have noted that I'm not posting my normal updates, chronicling the build process and finished guitar for the current month. The reason for this, is that I'm involved in a large project that will see myself, Linda Manzer, Jean Larrivee, Grit Laskin, Sergei de Jonge, Tony Duggan-Smith and George Gray ... each building a guitar that has been commissioned by a prominent art gallery.

   For my part, I've started with a blank piece of paper and designed a new instrument from scratch. I will be building all of the molds, jigs and fixtures to bring this instrument to completion ... all of which of course, takes time.

   There is a documentary film and other aspects of this project that will be taking my time over the coming months ... so even if you don't see updates on my site, I am still very active in my shop to say the least!




Oct / 2015

American Lutherie


   Thanks to Steve Denvir for writing this article and interviewing us for "American Lutherie" magazine ... and to the folks at the Guild of American Luthiers for including us in their prestigeous publication! What a great look back at the early Larrivee years!





Sept 1/15

Northwoods Seminar


What an incredible honour it was to be asked to teach at this year's Northwoods Seminar in Big Rapids Michigan! With folks like Dan Erlewine, Linda Manzer, Tom Ribbecke and Michi Matsuda in the audience, it was a nerve wracking experience to say the least!

To be included with all of these seminal figures in my field was truly gratifying. Thanks so much to Bryan Galloup and all of his luthiers (special thanks to the amazing Sam Guidry)!!!


Link to the Northwoods Facebook Page



July 15/2015

Wren Guitar Works

I made this custom long-scale (66 cm) guitar for John McMillan back in April of 2014 and was pleasantly surprised recently when he emailed a recording he'd made using this instrument! I put together this brief slide-show of some shots I took while building his guitar and used this beautiful composition as the audio ... check it out!






July 1/2015

Wren Guitars

I had an absolute blast building this Concert Model that features a Master Grade Lutz spruce top, a spec-flipping-tacular set of Cocobolo back and sides, a Laskin Armrest and the RFX raised fingerboard extention. I'm really pleased with the result!


Wren Guitar Works Wren Guitars Wren Guitars Wren guitars Wren Guitars Wren Guitar Works


   Here's a brief audio/video file that shows some of the build process on this one. The audio was recorded on this instrument, shortly after I strung it up.






June 11/15

Wren Guitars


Wood this figured is often a challenge to work with, but the results are spectacular! Trevor from The Acoustic Music Company in Brighton (my U.K. dealer) spec'ed out this guitar ... and I added the custom backstrip and end graft just to make it unique. I'm loving the results!


Wren guitars Wren Guitar Works Wren guitar Wren guitars Wren guitars Wren guitars Wren guitars Wren Guitar Works


Here's a quick video/slide-show that shows some of the build process of this instrument. The audio is this guitar being playing shortly after it was strung up.








April 24/15

Wren Guitar Works


   Here's a rare dreadnought Modern Slope MS-1 model that features an old-growth set of East Indian rosewood back and sides, a gorgeous Sitka top, quilted Sapele binding and a Taj Mahal peghead profile!


Wren Guitars Wren guitar Wren guitars Wren Guitar Works Wren custom guitars Wren guitars
Wren Guitar Works Wren Guitars


  Here's a brief audio/video presentation with clips of this instrument being made. The audio is me playing the guitar just after I strung it up (using a flatpick ... strings are a hybrid 12-56 set as per the customer's instructions)




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